Brick Wall Simplified-online genealogy program

Let me show you how pros use three simple steps to jump-start even the hardest genealogy problems.

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You want to bust your brick wall, but you don't know what to do next.

You love doing your own research but you've gotten stuck. It happens to all of us and it is so FRUSTRATING.

There must be something you can do to get your research back on track.

Too bad you just don't know what it is!

Maybe you've racked your brain for a new idea. Perhaps you're toying with the idea of hiring a professional genealogist. You could be thinking about taking a course. Have all these options run through your mind?

Are you questioning if the problem is your skills? Wondering if you've overlooked something? Think getting records from the right place might be the answer?

Maybe one of these situations sounds like you...

  • You don't have access to the records you need.
  • Your research is too disorganized.
  • There are too many people with your ancestor's name.
  • You can't find the birth/death/baptism record you need.
  • There's a skill or knowledge you're missing.
  • There are no records to be found.
  • You don't know enough about your ancestor.

You're not alone. Most genealogists get stuck on at least one line, sometimes several.

Finding that new ancestor or uncovering the truth to that family story feels amazing.

The problem? You're out of options and don't know what you can actually do. You've learned some brick wall techniques but not how to actually execute them. There are infinite options for a generic brick wall but you just want to solve YOUR problem.

What if there was a way to identify an actionable next step that would get you back on the road to busting YOUR brick wall?

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Hi! I'm Jennifer!

And I want to help you bust your brick wall.

I've been discovering my own family history for over thirty years. For more than ten years I've been a professional genealogist. Although I love solving genealogy problems for clients, I most enjoy helping passionate hobbyist genealogists work towards busting their brick walls themselves (because you love uncovering the truth about your family for yourself, right?).

For years I've offered a "review" service that let's you keep all the fun of solving the problem yourself, but provides a bit of professional guidance. Not surprisingly, this is my most popular service, and now you can learn to do it for yourself.

I've taken over a decade of professional experience and turned it into three easy steps you won't just learn but you'll do--and all in a weekend.

This is a tested method I use for clients and for my own research. In fact, turning it into three simple steps with step-by-step directions has allowed me to work on more of my own brick walls despite being busy with kids, family, running a business, moving, and all the bits of life every genealogist deals with.


Simplify your brick wall so you know what one thing to do next for your exact problem.

Here's what that would look like...

  • No more feeling frustrated with lack of progress.
  • Find paths around a lack of records or inaccessible records.
  • Get your project organized and ready to be busted!
  • End the feeling that you're missing the "secret" skill or record.
  • Identify the knowledge you actually need and figure out how to get it.
  • Stop paying for subscriptions you don't need.
  • Get off the research treadmill.
  • Feel like you just keep winning, every time you accomplish another (quick and easy) step towards the solution.
  • Feel confident you're making the best choice for you and your brick wall project.
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"Thank you so much for your time today and all the original documents you found for me!  You are such a professional and are superb with looking for detail."

 –Cheryl H.


The online, hands-on program that will help you simplify your brick wall in one weekend.

Brick Wall Simplified is a simple, actionable program designed to help you identify the specific next step you need to take, so you can bust your brick wall.

Brick Wall Simplified was created to help hobbyist genealogists achieve clarity on what to do to bust their brick wall.

  • This is NOT a course about research planning.
  • It's NOT a genealogy webinar.

It's a program where you'll learn AND do so you start making immediate progress. I want you to feel the euphoria of uncovering the solution for yourself, without spending a fortune or needing to give up sleeping to find enough time for genealogy.

If you are an avid genealogist with a brick wall problem, this is a program that I promise you will not want to miss.

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"I've really learned a lot by working with you on this project."

 –Laura M.


Three steps, one weekend. That's all it takes to start moving towards the solution.

Frustrated with too little time and no idea what will help you? Professional genealogists tackle projects they've never seen before by starting with three steps most hobbyists skip completely.

If you "can't get the records," feel like "there are no records" or even if you're overwhelmed with too many choices, these steps will get you back to making progress on your chosen brick wall. They'll even help you get organized or educated if that's what your brick wall problem really needs.

You've probably "learned" these steps but don't actually know how to execute them. Let me show you how.


W-frame System

To bust a brick wall, regardless if you're going to DIY it or pay a pro, you need to start with a bit of clarity. You'll be amazed how simple this is using the W-frame System.

Frame your problem for brick wall busting success in this quick and easy, but often overlooked, first step.


D.E.P.S. Chart

There's an easy method you're already familiar with to jumpstart the busting of your brick wall but most genealogists aren't quite sure how to get started. In step 2 you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to create my signature D.E.P.S. Chart.

Your custom D.E.P.S. Chart will get you organized in a simple process and also have you fully prepped for step 3.


H.E.L.S. Method

Learn the key questions I ask myself when performing a professional genealogical review for clients. Using the H.E.L.S. Method, genealogical review will seem heavenly easy.

You'll be amazed at what you'll uncover and discover performing the H.E.L.S. Method on your D.E.P.S. Chart!