The Occasional Genealogist

More sources will NOT solve your genealogy problem! But I know what will.

Most genealogists just keep researching and researching and researching.

  • All you need is THE source to bust your brick wall.
  • All you need is to learn about a new kind of source.
  • All you need is access to the right source.
  • All you need is...

None of these statements are true!

There might be a source with a direct answer to your question. That's not all you need. The truth is, you might already have the solution, you just haven't done the necessary steps to recognize it.

If you believe you'll solve your hardest genealogy problem by simply finding THE source, you might be waiting a long time for your answer. Make sure you're doing all the steps that will actually lead to a solution.

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The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap

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"Love the tips. You have some very good points that I never thought about. Thank you for the help."

-- Merry S.

Hi! I'm Jennifer

I know what it takes to bust a brick wall. I've been a genealogist since the age of nine and I've been a professional genealogist since 2008.

I also know what it's like to never have enough time to work on your brick wall and just want a, well, roadmap, to guide you.

Everyone's brick wall is unique but The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap is my simple approach to the steps I use as a professional and a hobbyist genealogist to work towards busting the toughest genealogy problems.

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"This information is a great guideline for genealogists to follow. Probably one of the hardest things about genealogy is to keep from being distracted during research and going off in an entirely different direction."

-- Louise W.

What it takes

You may have already found the answer to your problem and don't recognize it.

  • Steps 1-3 of the Roadmap lead to finding this type of solution.

But if you don't already have the answer, you certainly have plenty of clues for what to do next.

  • Once again, go through steps 1-3 to recognize your clues and then add on steps 4, 5, & 6.

Psst, here's a hint.
You'll always find your solution in step 3. Get the Roadmap to see how that works!

What it avoids

Do you keep going off-track while researching?

Do you chase after whatever attracts your attention in fear you won't find it again later?

Maybe you're just new to genealogy and didn't know there was anything other than "research" to do.

The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap keeps you on the path towards the solution instead of wandering aimlessly and getting nowhere.

What it is

Genealogy is a process or cycle.

I've broken down the process into The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap, six steps any genealogist can follow to work towards busting your brick wall.

I'm not going to tell you this Roadmap is going to be a shortcut towards a solution. Really hard brick walls take time to dismantle, that's why they're called brick walls!

Research and more research seems like the road towards a solution but it's not. The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap lays out the path in six easy-to-remember steps.

Get off the research treadmill and get on the path towards YOUR brick wall solution!

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"I loved how the roadmap helps you define a plan to tackle the roadblocks."

-- Janice M.