You've been researching your family history for a while,

but this mystery, you can't solve it!

It's time to take your genealogy research to the next level!

Learn how to capture and keep track of your clues, even if you don't know they're clues (yet!).

Once you have the right clues, you'll be able to solve your family history mysteries once and for all.

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Our online mini-course, Noting the Clues, will teach you how fast and easy it is to start capturing the clues you need to solve your mystery. Plus, we'll provide you with handy templates you can use again and again.

In under an hour, you could be unearthing new clues in your old records.

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Imagine if you always knew what to do next for a tough genealogy problem.

Here's what that would look like...

  • You'd never run out of sources.
  • You'd know when it's time to stop researching and assemble your clues.
  • You'd know what additional skills or topics you need to learn.
  • You'd stop feeling frustrated and keep making progress until your mystery was solved.

Clues tell you what to do next. You ARE the detective, follow your clues!

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The online mini-course that will help you get a clue. A whole bunch of clues in fact!

Noting the Clues provides simple education as well as the tools you need to get started mastering this simple but overlooked skill.

Clues are vital to genealogy but they are probably far more important than you realize. Clues aren't just a hint to the answer to your genealogy question. That's just one type of clue. Clues are also hints to what other sources to look for. And if you don't know what a clue is telling you, well that's a clue you need to learn!

Clues tell you what to do next.

Noting the Clues will teach you how to capture the clues that point you towards more sources, the right education, and even the solution you need.

This is a mini-course so you get started noting YOUR clues ASAP.

If you're a genealogist that's stuck on a tough genealogy problem and you don't know what to do next, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Exactly the tools you need...

Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues is a mini-course.

You're busy, you want to solve your genealogy mystery but you can't devote ALL your time to it.

We've included a mix of "must learn" and "let's go deeper" options so you can make this mini-course fit your available time.

  • Get started TODAY with the overview video.
  • Grab your template and start noting the clues!
  • You can finish the video and get started within an hour.

We know you'll have questions as you start using this new skill. Instead of trapping you in a full-length course you need to finish before you can get started, we've broken the support material into short, easy to consume lessons you can use when you need them.

Don't be clueless. Enroll NOW!

Here's what's included with Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues mini-course.

  • Immediate online access to the mini-course
  • Noting the Clues templates
  • Walkthrough video guide to using the templates
  • PDF e-guide
  • Growing collection of in-depth videos, examples, and bonus material



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