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Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues

Start capturing the clues you need to solve your mystery.

Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues

Start capturing the clues you need to solve your mystery.

What if you always knew what to do next for your hardest genealogy problems?

With Noting the Clues, there’s no need to spend big bucks to hire a pro to keep making progress. In under an hour you’ll learn how to capture the clues you need.

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What if you always knew what to do next for your hardest genealogy problems?

With Noting the Clues, there’s no need to spend big bucks to hire a pro to keep making progress. In under an hour you’ll learn how to capture the clues you need.

Get our mini-course for $54.

Does this sound like you…

  • You love doing genealogy but this mystery has you stuck.
  • You don’t know what to do next.

Or it could be…

  • You’ve exhausted all the sources you can think of.
  • You think it’s time to give up.

Or maybe…

  • You know there are other sources, but you’ll have to travel the world to get them, and that’s not in your budget.

Or perhaps…

  • You’re convinced your roll in your family tree is done, you have to hire a pro to discover more (but the cost!).

AND you want to solve this mystery yourself!

What if there was a way to always know what to do next, no need to hunt for more and more and more  sources. Plus you'd have the fun of solving your genealogy mysteries for yourself!

That’s exactly why I created Noting the Clues.

Too many genealogists think they’ve hit an insurmountable brick wall. It’ll take skills and money beyond what they’ll ever have.

But in reality, they are usually missing one essential skill that can change everything. Capturing the clues you’ll need, even when you think that clue is useless information, is the skill every genealogist must have.

Learn to capture the clues with our online mini-course Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues. In under an hour you’ll be able to use your new skill on your own research.

Exactly the tools you need...

Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues is a mini-course.

You're busy, you want to solve your genealogy mystery but you can't devote ALL your time to it.

We've included a mix of "must learn" and "let's go deeper" options so you can make this mini-course fit your available time.

  • Get started TODAY with the overview video.
  • Grab your template and start noting the clues!
  • You can finish the video and get started within an hour.

We know you'll have questions as you start using this new skill. Instead of trapping you in a full-length course you need to finish before you can get started, we've broken the support material into short, easy to consume lessons you can use when you need them.

Imagine if you always knew what to do next for a tough genealogy problem.

Here's what that would look like...

  • Never run out of sources.
  • Know when it's time to stop researching and assemble your clues.
  • Recognize what additional skills or topics you need to learn.
  • Stop feeling frustrated.
  • Continually make progress until your mystery is solved!

Clues tell you what to do next. Get started capturing YOUR clues in under an hour.

Hi! I'm Jennifer

I LOVE clues. I've been a genealogist since the age of 9 and I've been a professional genealogist since 2008. Genealogy is getting to solve real mysteries and you need clues.

My favorite professional service I offer is the genealogy review. It let’s me make suggestions hobbyist genealogists can try to solve their own genealogy mystery. Because it's so much more fun to solve your mystery yourself.

But after doing dozens and dozens of reviews, I discovered most people were missing most of their clues. Being clueless is no fun!

I created Noting the Clues because I discovered modern genealogists never learned to take genealogy notes. They often thought it was an old-fashioned skill that just duplicated the work of attaching information to a family tree. But notes are where you find your clues. There’s no place to put clues in your family tree. Those aren’t equivalent actions at all!

When note-taking was tossed out, clue-capturing went with it. No wonder so many genealogists thought they were stuck and needed to give up (or as my clients did, hire a pro). Most genealogy mysteries are solved by assembling clues into a solution. You have to have clues to create the solution.

Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues is my quick and easy solution to teach you to capture your clues, even if you can’t recognize them.If you decide you want to hire a pro, you’ll be able to pass on those clues so you don’t have to pay for a professional to repeat your research to capture the clues for you. Because that’s usually what happens. Professionals don’t have a magic trick to solve your mystery, they just know they need to capture the clues and those clues are found in every source you use. You can learn to capture your own clues to solve your mystery.

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Your Genealogy Mystery: NOTING THE CLUES

The online mini-course that will help you get a clue. A whole bunch of clues in fact!

Noting the Clues provides simple education as well as the tools you need to get started mastering this simple but overlooked skill.

Clues are vital to genealogy but they are probably far more important than you realize. Clues aren't just a hint to the answer to your genealogy question. That's just one type of clue. Clues are also hints to what other sources to look for. And if you don't know what a clue is telling you, well that's a clue you need to learn!

Clues tell you what to do next.

Noting the Clues will teach you how to capture the clues that point you towards more sources, the right education, and even the solution you need.

This is a mini-course so you get started noting YOUR clues ASAP.

If you're a genealogist that's stuck on a tough genealogy problem and you don't know what to do next, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.


How soon can I expect to solve my genealogy mystery after taking this mini-course?

That is not a question we, or anyone, can answer. There’s no way to know how long it’ll take to solve a genealogy problem. That’s actually why clues, and capturing even the ones you don’t recognize, is so important.

Often what appears to be useless information becomes a usable clue after we find other information (another clue). There’s no way to know what order you’ll find information in or control finding it in the “right” order. Capturing clues, even before you recognize them, gives you the information you’ll need in future. If you don’t capture the clues, you’ll be missing something later.

It’s like dropping a puzzle piece under the couch. You didn’t know where it went so you didn’t notice it was missing until you’ve assembled more pieces. You can’t finish the puzzle until you find that missing piece.

It’s much easier to assemble a puzzle when you put all the pieces on the table. That’s like capturing your clues in your notes. You know where to look for pieces when you’re ready to use them. If you found a puzzle piece on the floor and left it there, you might not find it again, ever. Clues work the same way. When you find them, you want to put them where they go, that’s in your notes.

What am I actually learning to do?

You’re learning an essential skill for every genealogist. That skill is note-taking. Genealogy note-taking isn’t just writing down the name, date, and place you found. There’s so much more to it. Our research often doesn’t even give us names, dates, and places, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t clues in what we did. Noting the Clues teaches you the information you need to put in your notes every time you do research, regardless if you find what you were looking for or not.

Does Noting the Clues teach me how to use clues?

No. This is the first course in the “Your Genealogy Mystery” series. Originally I created the “Clue Decoding Guide” to teach genealogists to use the clues they had. But then I discovered almost no one had the clues I assumed they captured. So I had to back up and create a resource to teach how to capture clues.

It’s really hard to learn to use clues unless you have specific ones to learn about. Once you start capturing clues in your notes, you’ll start having questions you need to answer. When you look for answers to those questions, you’ll learn to use YOUR clues.

What’s the difference in clues and evidence, is this about evidence evaluation, etc.

Most people understand they need clues to solve a mystery. Understanding what genealogy evidence is takes more work. Clues can be genealogy evidence (clues to a solution) or any other kind of clue.

Clues are anything that can help your genealogy. There are elements of evidence evaluation covered in Noting the Clues but that’s not the sole purpose of the mini-course.

You’ve got a genealogy mystery. That means you need clues. Clues are anything that is not useless information, although you may not recognize them as clues, yet. You can still learn to capture them!

Who's This For?

Noting the Clues is for any genealogist that is stuck on a tough problem. If you’ve been building your family tree, it’s for you.

Genealogists Short on Time

This is the signature mini-course for The Occasional Genealogist Academy. We specialize in products for people who are short on time and only Occasionally get to research their family history.

Noting the Clues is designed to start and implement in under an hour.

If you don’t have enough time for your genealogy, you can’t afford to be missing out on clues!

New Genealogists

Noting the Clues is perfect for new genealogists. It doesn’t teach you how to do genealogy (you need to be a genealogist, not someone who wants to start doing genealogy). Noting the Clues will give you an advantage because you’ll be capturing clues in every source you use going forward.

Genealogists Who’ve Been At It For Years

There are genealogists who have a “brick wall problem” that don’t need this mini-course. They’re note-taking ninjas and they know what they need to do next, they just may be unable to take that action.

Noting the Clues won’t lead to you magically solving every problem you have, but using what it teaches, you’ll have the confidence to know what else you can do.

How does this work?

After you complete your purchase, there will be a link to set-up your online account at The Occasional Genealogist Academy.

1. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be taken directly into the course.

2. Once you’re inside the course, read the welcome material. It gives you the details you need to get started ASAP, what to expect, and what to do once you’re ready to learn more. It’ll tell you where to find the templates and the getting started video.

3. Follow the instructions in “The Basics” to download the template you want and then watch the overview video. 

You’re now ready to start capturing your clues in your own research!

Refund Policy:

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.

Don't be clueless. Enroll NOW!

Your genealogy mystery needs more clues right now. Don’t keep researching, missing out on clues you think are useless information. You can start capturing clues even before you know what to do with them.

  • In under an hour you could have started building this essential skill and making a small but critical change to your research.
  • In a month you’ll have so much practice you’ll be excited to start using your clues.
  • In a year you’ll find capturing the clues second nature. How many mysteries will you have solved by then?

It all starts with Your Genealogy Mystery: Noting the Clues. You can’t afford to miss the clues you need. Learn to capture them, today.

Now’s the time to get Noting the Clues and start harvesting the clues you need to solve your genealogy mystery.



save 50%!



save 50%!