Finally! Research Planning Made Simple

Learn to go from step 1 on the Roadmap, defining an actionable project to an actionable research plan (step 4) with the Project to Plan Guide.

You'll learn:

  • how simple a research plan actually is
  • how to go from a broad genealogy PROJECT to an actionable research PLAN
  • what to do with those clues that keep sending you down a rabbit hole
  • plus you'll learn when to move on to a different project

The Guide includes:

  • A printable one-page workflow to keep you focused on creating an actionable plan based on the sources you have access to right now!
  • Get a super-simple beginning research plan "creator" form to get you started research planning, immediately.
  • Get a complete research planning template you can use for years, the same template I use as a professional and for my own personal research.
  • List of key terms you need to learn for research success (just a handful, not too many!).
  • Plus, you'll get a bonus section to make sure you aren't overlooking the clues your existing research is already giving you.
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Start research planning, today!

  • Learn how easy research planning is
  • Templates to make it easy to start
  • plus more!
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