Are you ready to start breaking down your brick wall?

  • Sign up, download and print your BWS Research Binder.
  • Focus on one record at a time sucking every detail you can from it. 
  • Record what you find on the appropriate forms (source notes, life overview, or research plan). 
  • Keep everything organized and easy to reference with the BWS Research Binder.

Optional: put it in a 3-ring or disc-bound binder. You'll want to print and add pages as you do more research.

What's included for $7?

Over 20 pages of print-at-home organizing forms and information.

A method to organize a brick wall (one project) so you can make progress.

Forms for note-taking, planning, and easy correlation.

Simple checklist to walk you through the steps of creating your Brick Wall Solution Research Binder.

How Will a Binder Help? Is This a Physical Binder? What if I don't like binders?

  • The Research Binder is a printable PDF. It is designed so you can print it and put the pages in a binder or simply use the pages loose. 
  • There's space to handwrite on the forms or you can type into the PDF file. This allows you to work on your binder on paper while looking at your sources on your computer or use two devices (i.e. no more switching back and forth on one screen!). 
  • Copying the information to your binder forms forces you to review what you've found and think about it more carefully than when you just look at your family tree.

The Research Binder is an organization method but it was also designed to help you with the first steps in "correlation." This is a vital genealogy skill that sounds fancy but is easy to get started with.

By correlating the information you already have (plus new information you find) you see your research differently, and hopefully find clues or even the solution!

Only putting your information in a family tree skips correlation. Yes, that's fast and easy, but it might be why you have a brick wall. The BWS Research Binder will help you organize+analyze. Combine this with our Brick Wall Solution Roadmap for genealogy success.

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Buy your BWS Research Binder, today!

This print-at-home binder kit is bursting with organizing forms and information to get you focused on your brick wall. It gives you a method to organize a brick wall (one project) so you can make progress.

  • Over 20 pages
  • Simple set-up checklist

Includes forms for:

  • Note-taking
  • Planning
  • Correlation (beginning analysis)