Source Evaluation is one of the most powerful genealogy skills you can learn!

  • Stop wondering if you're building on shaky sources.
  • Feel confident moving ahead with new research.
  • Identify more clues in every source.
  • Know how to answer "is that source correct?"

The Brick Wall Solution Source Evaluation Workbook will help you learn, practice, and do so you can move ahead with confidence on your brick wall problem.

The workbook is a PDF file.

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Hi! I'm Jennifer.

I've been discovering my own family history for over thirty years. For more than ten years I've been a professional genealogist. Although I love solving genealogy problems for clients, I most enjoy helping passionate hobbyist genealogists work towards busting their brick walls themselves.

I created the Source Evaluation Workbook because I've heard from so many blog readers that wanted to know, "is this source correct?" You'll learn in the Workbook that this isn't a question I can quickly answer in an email. Even if I did, you'd be left with the same question about your next source.

With The Brick Wall Solution Source Evaluation Workbook, you'll learn to evaluate your own sources so you're never left asking, "is this source correct?"

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Evaluating sources is how you:

  • learn to answer the popular genealogy question "is this source correct?"
  • identify clues and uncover additional sources hinted at in your sources
  • learn to appropriately use ALL the sources available for your problem
  • build a solution to a brick wall problem when no source exists that gives you a solution

Don't build your family tree on shaky ground but don't leave yourself stuck because you'll only use "good" sources. Source evaluation lets you use what you've got whether it's a great source or a poor source. (Here's a hint, "sources" aren't great or poor. The workbook covers what to do so you can use what you've got, without building on shaky sources).

Every genealogist is limited by the sources that exist for their problem.

Great genealogists know how to evaluate what they've found so they use every source appropriately.

Stop worrying if your sources are correct.

Build your research confidence with source evaluation.

The Brick Wall Solution Source Evaluation Workbook is a PDF workbook that includes:

  • How-to information (over 20 pages). Learn the basics of source evaluation, fast.
  • Two sets of worksheets to help guide you. One for practice, one for research.
  • A one-page printable "cheat sheet" to help you remember the source evaluation criteria you've learned.
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