Here's a bit about what's coming up with The Occasional Genealogist and The Occasional Genealogist Academy.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

UPDATE: Real-life examples for the Source Evaluation Workbook. (If you've already purchased the Workbook, send us a link to the source and your question about evaluating it). Buy the Workbook now to avoid the price increase that will come with this major update.

UPDATE to The Source Solution System. New beginner's section on learning about sources.

Subscriber Exclusive: Research logs/research tracking. We'll break this post down into more actionable getting-started steps.

New: Brick Wall Simplified Jumpstart. This will be a pared-down version of the full-length Brick Wall Simplified program. Perfect for beginners who aren't ready for the full-length program or people who'd prefer to hire Southern Cipher DNA & Genealogy for a review.

New: The Brick Wall Simplified Planner

Webinar: The 5 Secrets to Continual Genealogy Success

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